Relationships at work: The do’s and don’ts

David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel are just the most current individuals caught in the act of cheating, Governor Sanborn, Senator John Edwards, President Bill Clinton, and many others have been caught. I think the overarching message here is that eventually you do get caught......

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Infidelity – Should Jenny Sanford stay?

It is so easy to pass judgment on what Jenny Sanford should or should not do.  The bottom line is that none of us are living her life or her husband’s life.   We do not have the same values, life considerations, impact to families, etc.  We also do not know the entire picture of s the marriage and life together.  Think of your relationships, did every one of your friends and family know EVERYTHING? For more perspective on this topic read this:  Women who choose to stay with a spouse who ha...

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Dating and Gift Giving: What to do?

======================================= Dating and Gift Giving: What to do ======================================= What are the best types of gifts to give to someone you’re dating – when you want to indicate you like them, but you’re not quite ready to say, “I love you”? Do you have any advice when it comes to giving gifts, especially when it’s early in the relationship and you happen to be dating during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, etc.). Are there any types of g...

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Tips for Dating After Divorce

Dating After Divorce – What to Do It is daunting to consider dating after experiencing divorce, especially after spending ten or more years with someone.  By implementing the tips in this article, I am certain you will become more comfortable and even enjoy dating because dating is a process and can be structured to fit your needs. The Right Time to Start Dating Being ready to date is less about a time line and more about how you feel and how ready you are to have companionship in your life. For...

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How to Select a Dating Site?

How to Pick a Dating Site? Picking a dating site nowadays is a risky business.  Selecting the right dating site is certainly a challenge and must be taken seriously.  I have always taken the stance of you pay for what you get and am not a proponent of  ‘ free’ sites if you are looking for a serious long-term relationship and the love of your life. To choose the right dating site, you must be clear about your objectives.  You should consider the following in selecting the right site: Why do you w...

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