Are you successful in your career, but suck at love?  Or
Are you pretending your relationship is perfect, when it’s really not?

To Love and Be Loved is the most fulfilling thing we can experience in our lives. Wanting love, happiness, fun, adventure, laughter, intimacy, connection, longevity and more…are all things we want in our relationships…but not everyone has the fulfillment they desire when it comes to love .

Happiness is not just for fairy tales.

Great relationships don’t happen magically; but they do happen when you challenge the status-quo, the normal, the ‘this is how you’re supposed to do it’ mentality or the systems that are set up for you to fail over and over and over again.

I am hired nationally and internationally by:

  • Single women aged 40 or older who are successful in their careers but  just can’t seem to get it right with love and relationships…and they are ready to stop being single,  OR
  • Couples  who lack emotional connection, experience communication breakdowns, or just are not fulfilled in the relationship…who want a unique, holistic non-counseling approach to save their relationship

Contact me today for your no cost consultation and let’s get the LOVE SOARING in your life!

Dr. Dar, Relationship Success Expert

P.S. I invite you to take a moment right now to take my how happy is your relationship quiz (if you are in a couple), or the are you ready for lasting love quiz (for single women dating after 40).  To better serve you the singles quiz will route you to and the couples quiz will route you to

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